Fizzy Rascal





That’s exactly what we are. We are very confident in our products as all of our staff hold wine and spirit qualifications but if there is something you and your guests have a craving for, we are more than happy to work with you to create a menu that is perfect for your event.



As a stunning couple leading the march of your handsome guests, it’s only right that your bar fits the bill. Our converted minibus is almost hard to believe when you see it in the flesh. A striking blue exterior grabs your attention, making a statement and preparing you for the delight on the inside. Flip the hatch and the rascal is rocking a beautifully crafted copper bar with grey wood cladding and lightbox shelving which create a beautiful ambience. We also have a large lightbox thatcan be personalised with your names.

If you’re after a wedding bar that is serious about what they do, then look no further and Contact us now.